IT Security Research Laboratory

Research areas

Cryptographic algorithms and protocols

Boolean functions for cryptography

Secret sharing

Solving systems of Boolean equations

Cryptographic engineering

Cryptography standards

Cryptographic software (development and testing)

Selected results

New algorithms for solving systems of polynomial equations.

Exponential S-boxes for block ciphers.

The Belt block cipher.

The Bign digital signature algorithms (including identity-based and deterministic modes).

The Bash hashing algorithms (based on the sponge paradigm).

New modes of authenticated encryption & key wrapping.

New secret sharing schemes.

Belarusian ciphersuites for the TLS protocol.

A broadcast encryption system for satellite data protection.

A messaging protcol for communication between nodes of blockchain systems.

A cryptographic architecture of Belarusian ID-cards.

The Bee2 cryptographic library.

The Bee2evp engine for OpenSSL.


STB 34.101.27 "Information technology and security. Security requirements for software cryptographic modules" (in Russian).

STB 34.101.31 "Information technology and security. Data encryption and integrity algorithms" (in Russian).

STB 34.101.45 "Information technology and security. Digital signature algorithms based on elliptic curves" (in Russian).

STB 34.101.47 "Information technology and security. Cryptographic algorithms of pseudorandom number generation" (in Russian).

STB 34.101.60 "Information technology and security. Secret sharing algorithms" (in Russian).

STB 34.101.65 "Information technology and security. The Transport Layer Security Protocol" (in Russian).

STB 34.101.66 "Information technology and security. Key establishment protocols based on elliptic curves" (in Russian).

STB 34.101.77 "Information technology and security. Hashing algorithms" (in Russian).

STB 34.101.78 "Information technology and security. A public key infrastructure profile" (in Russian).

STB 34.101.79 "Information technology and security. Cryptographic tokens" (in Russian).


Sergey Agievich, head of a laboratory

Ivan Pirshtuk, leading scientific researcher

Oleg Solovey, leading scientific researcher

Vlad Semenov, senior scientific researcher

Egor Lawrenov, junior scientific researcher

Nastassia Kazlouskaya, assistant