Nikolay .N. Shenets


Junior research associate of the Research Laboratory of Problems of Security Information Technologies.


  • Mathematician-Programmer: BSU, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis, 2006;
  • Master degree at the BSU, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 2007 (scientific adviser G.V. Matveev);
  • Mathematician-Economist: BSU, Institute of Business and Management Technologies, 2007;
  • PhD degree at the BSU, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 2011 (scientific adviser G.V. Matveev).

Research interests

  • secret sharing, threshold cryptography;
  • development and security assessments of cryptographic algorithms and protocols;
  • algebra, Galois fields, combinatorics.

Major Publications

  1. Shenets N. N. Multidimensional modular secret sharing. – The Informatics, 2007, V.4(16), p. 125-132.
  2. Matveev G V, Shenets N. N. Ideal modular secret sharing schemes. – X International seminar "Discrete mathematics and its applications" (Moscow, MSU, 1-6 of February 2010), p. 521-524.
  3. Shenets N. N. "On information rate of modular secret sharing schemes".– Doklady of the National Acadeny of sciences of Belarus, V. 54, № 6, 2010, р. 9-12.
  4. Galibus T, Matveev G, Shenets N. Some Structural snd Security Properties of the Modular Secret Sharing. – SYNACS'08, IEEE Comp. Soc. Press, CPS, LosAlamitos (California), 2009, P. 197–200 (pdf).
  5. Матвеев Г.В., Шенец Н.Н Идеальные модулярные схемы разделения секрета. – Материалы X Международного семинара "Дискретная математика и ее приложения" (Москва, МГУ, 1–6 фераля 2010), с.521–524 (pdf).

Contact information

N.N. Shenets
RI for Applied Problems of Mathematics and Informatics
Belarusian State University
4, Nezavisimosti Ave., Office 802
Minsk, Belarus, 220030
shenec at bsu by