Uladzimir Palukha


Research associate of the RL of Mathematical Methods of Information Security.


  • Information Security Expert, Mathematician: BSU, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis, 2013.
  • Master of Science Degree: BSU, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 2014 (scientific supervisor Yu. S. Kharin).
  • Research Degree: BSU, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 2017 (scientific supervisor Yu. S. Kharin).

Major publications

  1. Yu. S. Kharin, V. Yu. Palukha. Informative descriptors for statistical recognition of cryptographic generators / Informatics, 2013, no. 3 (39), pp. 126–138 (in Russian, pdf).
  2. V. Yu. Palukha, Yu. S. Kharin. Quality assessment for cryptographic generators based on high-order Markov chains / Information security questions, 2015, no. 1, pp. 12–14 (in Russian, pdf).
  3. Yu. S. Kharin, U. Yu. Palukha. Statistical estimators of Renyi and Tsallis entropy and their use for testing the hypotheses of “pure randomness” / Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Physics and Mathematics Series, 2016, no. 2, pp. 37–47 (in Russian, pdf).
  4. U. Yu. Palukha. Statistical tests based on entropy estimates for checking the hypotheses of the uniform distribution of a random sequence / Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of Belarus. Physics and Mathematics series, 2017, no. 1, pp. 79–88 (in Russian, pdf).
  5. U. Palukha, Yu. Kharin. Statistical Hypotheses Testing for Random and Pseudorandom Generators Based on Statistical Estimators of Entropy / Slovak Computer Sciences and Informatics Journal, 2017, vol. 1, pp. 293–297 (pdf).

Contact information

Uladzimir Palukha

RI for Applied Problems of Mathematics and Informatics
Belarusian State University,
4, Niezaliezhnastsi Ave., Office 701
Minsk, Belarus, 220030
Phone: +375172095549
E-mail: palukha at bsu.by